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In Victoria BC, Mia Golden, a counsellor and coordinator teams up with Cst. Pat Bryant. Their mandate is to work with youth who are vulnerable to gang recruitment, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. With the opioid crisis, their caseload is extensive. Their day begins by checking to see how many youth have been called in missing, and if they’ve been arrested or hospitalized. The rest of their days are stretched between youth court, surveillance, patrols, counselling, public presentations, encounters with heartbroken parents and meetings with overwhelmed stakeholders.

Disconnected from her First Nations heritage, digital artist and poet SIlvey Sampson retraces her ancestry back to Kwahama Kwatleematt. Known simply as ‘Lucy,’ Kwatleematt married Portuguese Joe Silvey when she was just 15, and brought to his business English literacy, profound local knowledge and trading expertise. What other contributions to history were made by forgotten female, First Nations leaders and entrepreneurs? Silvey Sampson (named after Joe Silvey) explores the history of Kwatleematt and discovers a long line of vehemently independent native women who helped shape BC\’s coastal communities. Through her work, plus conversations with elders, other descendants, artists and historians, Silvey rediscovers her own identity and reminds us of the meaning of reconciliation.