5 Unique Vlogs You Should Watch in 2020


A few years ago, vlogs began to boom! Now, there’s a wide variety of YouTubers covering a wide variety of niches. That said, we wanted to share a few of our favourite vlog channels with you. 

As digital creators ourselves, we’re inspired by the vlogger who’s voice and style helps them transcend their genre. We think these channels have something to teach everyone in video production about the art of engaging, through the power of personality and raw, authentic storytelling. 

Whether it’s clear, thoughtful narration or stand-out editing techniques, we think these creators are worth a subscribe!


1. Chris Conrady

Channel: InvolvingChris

Number of Subscribers: 108,000

For the entrepreneurs and business-minded, do we have something for you!

Chris Conrady is a YouTuber, who over the past couple years, has enticed a following through his e-commerce and trend-focused video topics.

Mixing what one of our teammates likes to call, a “spunky” editing style, with strong storytelling and pop culture references, Chris’ videos keep you entertained and genuinely curious. On top of that, he has put himself on the YouTube map as a reliable and thorough source, often deep-diving into topics such as purchasing influencer shoutouts and creating a profitable online sock store.

Intrigued? Told you!

2. Steve Booker

Channel: Steve Booker

Number of Subscribers: 190,000

Everybody loves a few stunning visuals – mix that with trending topics like travel and fashion…Steve’s channel has got you covered.

Whether you’re watching his travel vlog to Iceland or one of his fashion tips/tour videos, Steve loves to incorporate thoughtful b-roll and incredibly concise narration.

Both through his own content and through his various appearances in other YouTubers’ videos (those of Louis Cole, aka FunForLouis, and Dave Erasmus), Steve has established his own brand as an in-touch and active digital influencer.

3. Ask A Mortician

Channel: Ask A Mortician

Number of Subscribers: 940,000

Yep, you read that correctly!

Caitlin Doughty has completely created her own niche within the content creator realm, talking all things – death.

Better yet, she includes pop culture references (like Disneyland!) and the dark side they perhaps have.

With this intriguing combination, her channel has gained a whopping fan base of 940, 000 subscribers. Goes to show…curiosity is a bonus in her target aud

4. Jeb Gardener

Channel: Jeb Gardener

Number of Subscribers: 265,000

This next channel’s videos are a must-watch!

Walking people viewers through the gardening task at hand, Jeb tends to shoot quick bits of footage and incorporate a ton of witty narration. Despite being a gardening channel, the content is hilarious and actually, completely universal. Humor and – believe it or not – classical music, are also widely thrown into the mix and what can we say? It all works with an admirable level of originality!

Give his video a watch below:

5. Nathan Florence

Channel: Nathan Florence

Number of Subscribers: 43,000

Shoreline-watchers and wave riders rejoice!

We’ve got an awesome channel for you to check out. Nathan Florence is a Hawaii-based surfer who takes you to and through the waves.

While there are numerous sources of surf-focused content out there in the world, our team has really noticed the informative approach in Nathan’s videos and of course, the impressive footage!

Let loose and have a look here:

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