2021 in the Spotlight (Part 2)

We’re making your resolutions easy this year

Last week we shared some of our favourite accomplishments of 2021. This week we’re following that up with five huge projects that have been under wraps for months and are finally stepping into the spotlight in 2022.

Together, they’re a great representation of just how varied our output is, and the ever-expanding skillset of our diverse team. But, like all our work, they share one important thing in common: the potential to challenge you, provide joy, and foster transformation. So no matter what your New Years resolutions are for 2022, we have a project for you!   


To transform your home and garden

Veridis Plumbing & Heating

Veridis Style Guide CoverOur friends at Veridis Plumbing & Heating have not only revamped their sprawling showroom of beautiful home heating, bathroom and outdoor living options, but they’ve also started selling their vast lineup of quality products online. We’re happy to have helped by creating their online storefront, and supplying some of the photos and videos for their entirely new website that will be launching in the New Year! If you have any big renovations planned for 2022, you’ll want to check it out.




To challenge your health and fitness

Adventure Racing with Jen Segger

Jen Segger: Sprint Adventure Racing Program from Empress Avenue Media on Vimeo.

You would never know from her modest introductions, but Jen Segger is a big deal in the world of competitive trail running and adventure racing. Besides a number of high-profile podium finishes – not to mention participating in the Amazon Prime exclusive series World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji – Jen is a well known coach for up-and-coming athletes at all stages of competition. Through a growing offering of web courses, we’ve helped Jen bring her years of experience to an online audience, allowing anyone in the world to benefit from her insights as they learn and train at their own pace. And in 2022, we couldn’t be more excited to help Jen launch her first online adventure racing program, creating guidebooks, video content, and interactive web materials. This innovative sprint program will cover strength building, nutrition, injury prevention, mental preparation, gear acquisition, lifestyle tips, and of course a complete, in-depth training calendar. It will also be Jen’s first online course to feature professional training videos to cover key trail running techniques. Sign up for email updates and get started here JenSegger.com. Early sign-ups will get a huge discount, but hurry, that’s only until February 28, 2022!


To embrace new art forms

Victory on East Hastings

CR Avery Victory on East Hastings PosterWe had a blast handling the post-production for this bold, musical art film from visionary musician C.R. Avery last year. In January, it’s touring for the first time with live performances, including a full orchestra!

To edit and colour the film, we had to completely overhaul our post studio to handle the magnificent 6K raw digital footage. Beyond the technical challenges, the film underwent some major creative shifts and revisions under C.R.’s careful direction, and we ended up creating entirely new sequences from scratch using found footage and original motion graphics and animation. We also created all the stylistic chapter headings and title sequences in the film, including its iconic title card.

Through a series of biting, bizarre, hilarious and heartfelt musical vignettes, Victory on East Hastings reflects the changing landscape of Vancouver’s eastside and the alternative communities crushed by gentrification. Check out the official trailer over on our YouTube channel, and book tickets at the Rio while you still can!


To learn more about where you live…


Tzouhalem Poster with LaurelsMount Tzouhalem might just be the single most iconic mountain on Vancouver Island, and it’s certainly a defining landmark of the Cowichan Valley. But how much do you actually know about its namesake, Chief Tzouhalem? For the first time, the fascinating history of this larger-than-life figure has been captured on film, in a feature length documentary from Orca Cove Media. The film weaves together oral history from local Elders with academic reflections and creative re-enactments, as directors Harold C. Joe and Leslie D. Bland dive deep into the many interpretations of Tzouhalem’s legacy.

We had the profound honour of directing cinematography for the reenactments, and working on the visual effects needed to bring them to life. By combining original Green Screen footage with manipulated shots of present-day locations, we were able to bring to life various vignettes of Chief Tzouhalem’s life on the actual landscapes where they occurred. We also had the pleasure of creating the original poster art for the movie, featuring Harold Joe as Chief Tzouhalem. (As a fun aside, you can also catch Harold Joe in his other capacity as an Archaeological Monitor in our short documentaries on Cowichan Tribes’ remediation work). Tzouhalem has already played at a number of prestigious film festivals including Whistler. Keep watching Orca Cove’s website and social media for future screenings.


…And the challenges in your community

Tug of War

tug of war - these are our storiesWe’re also still hard at work on two upcoming documentaries exploring the issue of youth exploitation in BC. From gang recruitment, the opioid crisis, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking, our films demonstrate that this issue is tragically alive and thriving in Island communities and across the Lower Mainland. We wrapped principal photography in 2021 that will support both projects: a youth-friendly short film called Tied to a Lie, which will tour middle and secondary schools across the province; and Tug of War, a challenging feature documentary for broadcast. Despite delays due to COVID-19, we’re excited for both films to make their respective debuts in 2022.

These projects are the brainchild of our Development Coordinator, Mia Golden (star of Fragile Seeds), inspired by her own work in the field.

Follow our social media channels for the latest information on both releases, as well as insightful clips and comments from counselors, resource providers, police officers, experts and youth who are fighting to break – or break free from – the cycle of exploitation and violence.

From gang recruitment, the opioid crisis, sexual exploitation and sex trafficking our film highlights that this issue is very much alive and thriving in our communities.


This is just the beginning

These are just a handful of the projects that are helping us kick off 2022.our team - empress avenue media

We asked our team what their priorities were for the upcoming year, and identified some favourite ‘focus words’. Amongst them: Story, Energy, Alignment, Relationship and Growth. (Also Mantis, because bugs are cool). We’re excited to see these qualities weave into our upcoming films and videos, interactive courses and multimedia art projects as we slowly regroup and regain capacity in the wake of COVID-19.

Thank you again to our amazing team, our clients and all our supporters, without whom we wouldn’t exist. And thanks to you for reading, connecting and following our journey!